apple pulp juice concentration making machine

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1. Our company’s apple pulp juice extractor has reasonable design, beautiful appearance, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and low steam consumption.

2. The concentration system adopts a forced-circulation vacuum concentration evaporator, which is specially used for the concentration of high-viscosity materials such as jam, pulp, syrup, etc., so that the high-viscosity jam is easy to flow and evaporate, and the concentration time is very short. The jam can be concentrated from 4.5-5.5% Brix to 28-30% Brix, 30-32% Brix, 36-38% Brix according to customer requirements.

3. Evaporation

The temperature of the evaporator is low, the heat is fully utilized, the tomato sauce is heated gently and evenly in the tube, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, which can prevent the “dry wall” phenomenon.

4. The condenser with special structure can operate normally when the cooling water temperature is above 30℃. 5. Continuous feeding and discharging, automatic control of liquid level and required concentration.

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