automatic Plate Pasteurizer UHT Fresh Milk Sterilizer

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The Raw material under the condition of continuous flow through the heat exchange heating to 85 ~ 150 ℃(The temperature is adjustable). And at this temperature, keep a certain amount of time (several seconds) in order to achieve commercial asepsis level. And then in the condition of sterile environment, it is filled in aseptic packaging container.The whole sterilization process is completed in a moment under high temperature, which will completely kill the microorganisms and spores which can cause corruption and deterioration. And as a result, the original flavor and nutrition of the food were greatly preserved. This strict processing technology effectively prevents the secondary contamination of food and greatly extends the shelf life of products.

We can manufacture and customize the Plate sterilizer according to the process and the requirement from customer with capacity from 50L to 50000L/hour.

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1. Huge viscosity range. The use environment PH value is 1-14. The products produced by this system can maintain 3-6 months under normal temperature (do not add any preservatives), thus eliminating the cold chain;
2. Automatically or semi-automatically controlled by computer with LCD touch screen operation;
3. Instantaneous processing maintain the products’ original flavor;
4. PID temperature control system, sterilization temperature recorded continuously in real time;
5. Uniform heat treatment, heat recovery up to 90%;
6. Difficult to form tube fouling and pollution;
7. Long continuous operating time and good CIP self-cleaning effect;
8. Less spare parts, low operating cost;
9. Easy to install, inspect and remove, convenient to maintain;
10. Reliable material affordable to higher product pressure.


Pasteurization is primarily used to make products safe to eat or drink, increase shelf life and to reduce spoilage. However, it can also be used to alter the properties of the end product. For example, pasteurization of yogurt milk desaturate the proteins, enabling the yogurt culture to grow and making the product both more viscous and more stable.

Given the huge variety of different applications and customer requirements, most of the pasteurization equipment chinz delivers is customized to meet individual customer needs.

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