High efficient condensed milk vacuum falling film evaporator

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Suitable for evaporation concentration is lower than the saturation density of salt material, and heat sensitive, viscosity, foaming, concentration is low, liquidity good sauce class material. Especially suitable for milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste liquid recycling etc for evaporation and concentration, low temperature continuous has high heat transfer efficiency, shorter time for heating the material, etc main features.

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Falling film evaporator Used for low viscosity, good fluidity material
Rising film evaporator Used for high viscosity, poor fluidity material
Forced-circulation evaporator Used for puree material

For the characteristic of juice, we select the falling film evaporator. There are four types of such evaporator:


Item 2 effectsevaporator 3 effectsevaporator 4 effectsevaporator 5 effectsevaporator
Water evaporation volume(kg/h) 1200-5000 3600-20000 12000-50000 20000-70000
Feed concentration (%) Depend on material
Product concentration (%) Depend on material
Steam pressure (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Steam consumption (kg) 600-2500 1200-6700 3000-12500 4000-14000
Evaporation temperature (°C) 48-90
Sterilizing temperature (°C) 86-110
Cooling water volume (T) 9-14 7-9 6-7 5-6

Evaporation capacity: 1000-60000kg/h(Series)

In consideration of each factories all kinds of solutions with different characteristics and complexity, our company will provide specific technical scheme according to client’s requirements, reference for users to choose!

Products Features

This equipment is widely used for the concentration of glucose, starch sugar, oligosaccharides, maltose, sorbitol, fresh milk, fruit juice, vitamin C, maltodextrin, chemical, pharmaceutical and other solutions. It can also be widely used in waste liquid treatment in industries such as monosodium glutamate, alcohol and fish meal.

The equipment operates continuously under vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high evaporation capacity, energy saving and consumption reduction, low operating cost, and can maintain the original color, fragrance, taste and composition of the processed materials to the greatest extent. It is widely used in many industries such as food, medicine, grain deep processing, beverage, light industry, environmental protection, chemical industry and so on.
The evaporator (falling film evaporator) can be designed into different technological processes according to the characteristics of different processed materials.

Falling film evaporation is to add the material liquid from the upper tube box of the heating chamber of the falling film evaporator, and distribute it evenly into the heat exchange tubes through the liquid distribution and film forming device. Under the action of gravity, vacuum induction and air flow, it becomes a uniform film. Flow from top to bottom. During the flow process, it is heated and vaporized by the heating medium in the shell side. The generated steam and liquid phase enter the separation chamber of the evaporator. After the vapor and liquid are fully separated, the steam enters the condenser for condensation (single-effect operation) or enters the next-effect evaporator as The medium is heated to achieve multi-effect operation, and the liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber.


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