CHINZ Customized Forced Circulation Evaporator

CHINZ – The Forced Circulation Evaporator Supplier! The forced circulation evaporator consists of the components; a heat exchanger, a separator, a condenser, a Circulation pump, a Transfer pump, Vacuum, a drain system, Vacuum, a steam manifold, and a circulation pump, an operation platform, electric control cabinet, pipeline, and valves, etc.

In the circulation evaporator, the product is delivered to the exchanger for heating purposes and then to the separator for separation purposes. After the product is completely evaporated, the liquid is pumped back into the exchanger for further evaporation of the remaining materials.

Applications of Forced Circulation Evaporator

The forced Circulation Evaporator system finds its applications in various industries out there, such as different food, medicine, chemical, and environmental protection industries use this system. Furthermore, this system is also widely used in industries, and factories of the water phase or organic phase solution evaporation enrichment, particularly for large viscosity, quickly scaleable materials, crystallization under normal pressure or vacuum circumstances, or continuous evaporation of concentrated crystals, which can be single-effect or multi-effect evaporation concentrated crystallization.

Also, the materials with fouling, crystallinity, heat sensitivity (low temperature), increased concentrations, high viscosity, and insoluble solids with particles can all be treated using the forced circulation evaporator.

It consists of various pulps, such as tomato sauce, commercial water, and inorganic salts. Commercial salts include ammonium sulfate and sodium chloride, malt extract, starch sugar, glucose, VC, lysine, oligosaccharides, inositol, protein peptides, and other heat-sensitive ingredients.

CHINZ Customized Forced Circulation Evaporator

Wenzhou CHINZ Machinery Co., Ltd – a high-end technology enterprise that manufactures biomedical and pharmaceutical equipment and heavy instruments and machinery for food, beverage, chemicals, and other hygienic level fluid instruments on a large scale.

CHINZ equipment belongs to top-notch quality. With years of experience in the market and advanced technical staff, CHINZ provides advanced technology and services to its customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a forced circulation evaporator, in other words, a customized forced circulation evaporator, then CHIZ must be your top priority as it offers affordable machinery at affordable prices yet with quality instruments and machinery manufacturing materials.

When customized forced circulation evaporator prices China are rising, CHIZ quests to offer the best possible prices to its customers.CHINZ offers the best forced circulation evaporator prices in China, being one of China’s top forced circulation evaporator manufacturers.

CHINZ Product Details

When using a falling film evaporator, the feed liquid is added from the upper tube box of the heating chamber and distributed uniformly into each heat exchange tube by liquid distribution and film-forming equipment. It creates a homogenous film when subjected to gravity, vacuum induction, and airflow. Ascend and descend. The shell-side heating medium heats and vaporizes it throughout the flow process, and the resulting steam and liquid phase enter the evaporator’s separation chamber concurrently. The steam enters the condenser to condense (a single-effect operation), or the next-effect evaporator as the vapor and liquid are completely separated. To achieve multi-effect functioning, the medium is heated, and the liquid phase is.

They can be extensively utilized in the treatment of waste liquids in the aforementioned industries. They are widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or organic solvent solutions in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industrial, and other industries. Ideal for fabrics that are particularly sensitive to heat. The machinery is continuously used in low-temperature vacuum environments. It can guarantee the invariability of materials throughout the evaporation process and has a high evaporation capacity, energy efficiency, low consumption, and low operating costs.

Forced circulation type single, double, three-effect, and multi-effect evaporators are suitable for low-temperature concentrations of high concentration, high viscosity, and insoluble solids in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste recycling, and other industries.

It is made up of a multi-effect heater, a multi-effect separator, a cooling machine, a circular pump, a vacuum and drainage system, a steam header, an operation platform, an Electric PLC controller, valves and cables, and other components.

Top Benefits/Advantages

● The forced Circulation Evaporator by CHINZ comes with a beautiful and unique design

● The machine runs stable and saves energy while giving the efficient output

● Consumes low steam

● Forced Circulation Evaporator makes high viscosity material flow evaporation

● Useable for operations for different products

● Evaporates products at low temperatures with the full use of energy

● The best equipment for evaporating the heat sensitive material

● Does even material heating in the pipeline with efficiency

● Keeps the pipes prevented from scaling

● Occupies limited space where it is installed

● Easy to clean

● Automatic temperature and liquid level control

● It avoids the “Dry wall” issue

● The customized evaporated volume design is available according to your requirement.

● A product of the top customized forced circulation evaporator Manufacturer in China

In a Nutshell

So if you want to import the best and customized forced circulation evaporator, china falling film evaporator, jacket kettle, vacuum concentrator, storage tank, or mixing tank, you should go with CHINZ, as you will get step-by-step guide about the instruments/equipment you’ll buy.

The scope of CHINZ services includes technology consulting, engineering customized designs according to the industrial demand for different products, factory automation, and whole process training. Furthermore, all the services and technological services, solutions, and materials you will purchase are budget-friendly, or you can order customized equipment matching your budget and needs.

Post time: May-17-2023