Pharmacy Extraction Machine Herb Medicine Liquid Extraction Tank

Short Description:


  • 1.Material: ss304 and ss316l
  • 2.Capacity: 50L to 10000L
  • 3.Design according to GMP

Product Detail

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1.Normal Taper type extracting tank (Traditional type)
2.Straight Cylindrical type extracting tank
3.Upside-down Taper type extracting tank
4.Upper discharging type extracting tank (New arrival )


Collecting machine, condenser, cooler, filter, oil & water separator and mist eliminator.


This machine is special applicable for extracting effective constituent from roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of plants, or brains, bones and organs of animals , or natural minerals by liquid solvents, such as water, alcohol, acetone and so on.
The equipment is applicable to the project operations of water decocting under normal and compressed pressure, temperature dipping, thermal refluxing , forced circulation, diacolation, extraction of aroma oil and reclamation of organic solvent,etc, which are in such industries as Chinese traditional medicine, plants, animals,food and chemistry. And especially, it is more efficient in the case of dynamic or counter current extraction, such as shortening time, getting high pharmacy content, etc.
Technical features:
1.The discharge door driven by pneumatic force, safety locking type, without leakage and won’t open automatically under sudden power failure, operated safety and reliably.
2.The foam destroyer is quick-open type, easy for cleaning and operating.
3.Ached filter screen, long circle hole filter structure, enlarge its filtration area and the screen won’t get jammed at the same time.


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