Stainless steel High Efficient herb continuous vacuum belt dryer

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Vacuum belt dryer is a continuous infeed and discharge vacuum drying equipment. Liquid product is conveyed into dryer body by infeed pump, evenly spread on belts by distribution device. Under high vacuum, the boiling point of the liquid is lowered; water in the liquid material is evaporated. Belts move on the heating plates evenly. Steam, hot water, hot oil can be used as heating media. With the moving of the belts, the product goes through from the beginning evaporating, drying, cooling to discharging in the end. The temperature decreases through this process, and can be adjusted for different products. Special vacuum crusher is equipped at the discharge end to produce different size end product. The dry powder or granule product can be automatically packed or continue with subsequent process.

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How is the Drying Process of Protein paste?

Protein paste vacuum dryer is suitable for drying all kinds of food additives drying equipment, especially like protein paste drying. As they are high sugar content and high viscosity materials, sometimes need to stir or heat to have fluidity. As its thickness and poor liquidity, many traditional drying equipment can not be very suitable for this kind of material.

The protein paste vacuum dryer can improve the vacuum degree and reduce the evaporation temperature, on one hand making the material at a lower temperature, on the other reaching certain fluidity and is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt. After a period of drying, cooling and powder crushing process , the material can effectively retain the active substance, and effectively retain its taste, color, structure, etc., to ensure the quality of the product.

whey protein powder extract vacuum belt dryer is a vacuum drying device with continuous feeding and discharging. The liquid raw material is transported to the dryer through the feed pump and is evenly distributed through the distributor. The material is distributed on the conveyor belt through high vacuum to reduce the boiling point temperature of the material. The moisture of the liquid raw material is directly sublimated into gas. The conveyor belt runs at a uniform speed on the heating plate. The heat source in the heating plate can be steam, hot water or electric heating. Operation, from evaporation and drying at the front end to cooling and discharging at the back end, the temperature range is from high to low, which can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. The discharge end is equipped with a specific vacuum crushing device to reach the finished product of different particle sizes, and the dried powder Materials can be automatically packed or follow-up processes.


1.Less labor cost and energy consumption
2.Little loss of product and solvent recycling possible
3.PLC automatic control system & CIP cleaning system
4.Good solubility & excellent quality of the products
5.Continuous feed-in, dry, granulate, discharge in vacuum state
6.Completely closed system and no contamination
7.Adjustable drying temperature (30-150℃)& drying time (30-60min)
8.GMP standards

Vacuum Belt Dryer Work Flow


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