Stainless steel vacuum single effect falling film FFE evaporator

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Suitable for evaporation concentration is lower than the saturation density of salt material, and heat sensitive, viscosity, foaming, concentration is low, liquidity good sauce class material. Especially suitable for milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste liquid recycling etc for evaporation and concentration, low temperature continuous has high heat transfer efficiency, shorter time for heating the material, etc main features.

Evaporation capacity: 1000-60000kg/h(Series)

In consideration of each factories all kinds of solutions with different characteristics and complexity, our company will provide specific technical scheme according to client’s requirements, reference for users to choose!

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Evaporator Type

Falling film evaporator Used for low viscosity, good fluidity material
Rising film evaporator Used for high viscosity, poor fluidity material
Forced-circulation evaporator Used for puree material

For the characteristic of juice, we select the falling film evaporator. There are four types of such evaporator:


Item 2 effectsevaporator 3 effectsevaporator 4 effectsevaporator 5 effectsevaporator
Water evaporation volume(kg/h) 1200-5000 3600-20000 12000-50000 20000-70000
Feed concentration (%) Depend on material
Product concentration (%) Depend on material
Steam pressure (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Steam consumption (kg) 600-2500 1200-6700 3000-12500 4000-14000
Evaporation temperature (°C) 48-90
Sterilizing temperature (°C) 86-110
Cooling water volume (T) 9-14 7-9 6-7 5-6

Products Features

Vacuum Single Effect Evapotator Concentrator Machine  Working principle: The raw steam enters the outside of the tube of the heating chamber, heating up the material and liquid, spraying it into the evaporation chamber from the nozzle for vapor-liquid separation. The material and liquid return to the lower part of the heating chamber for reheating, and the material and liquid are heated and sprayed into the evaporation chamber for circulation. The material is concentrated to a certain extent, and after sampling is determined, the material is discharged from the outlet. The steam evaporated from the evaporation chamber is removed by the demister, then the vapor-liquid separator is removed, and some of the liquid is returned to the evaporation chamber. The remaining two steam is cooled by the condenser and cooler to form liquid into the liquid storage tank, and finally the non condensable gas is discharged into the atmosphere or the vacuum pump is taken away. Vacuum External Circulation Low Temperature Single Effect Evapotator Concentrator Machine  including the following units : heating tank ,evaporator tank ,gas/water separator ,condenser ,sub-cooler ,collection tank and pipeline etc.


The machine is used for the concentration of Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, starch sugar food and dairy product etc; especially suitable to the low-temperature vacuum concentration of thermal sensitive material.

1. Alcohol recovery: It has a large recycling capacity, adopts vacuum concentration process. So that it can increases
productivity by 5-10 times compared with similar equipment of the old type, reduces energy consumption by 30%, and has the characteristics of small investment and high recovery efficiency.
2. concentrate: This equipment adopts the outside heating natural cycle and vacuum negative pressure evaporation with fast evaporation. The concentration ratio can be up to 1.2. The liquid in a state of full seal without the foam concentration. The concentrated liquid of this equipment has the characteristics of no pollution, strong taste and easy cleaning .The equipment is simple to operate and covers a small area. The heater, evaporator made with insulation layer, mirror polishing inner face and matt surface.

Structure and performance

1.The equipment consists of heating chamber, separator, defoamer, steam separator, condenser, cooler, liquid storage barrel,circulating pipe and other components. The whole equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel materials.
2.The inner part of the heating chamber is column tube type. After the shell is connected with the steam, the liquid inside the column tube is heated. The chamber also equipped with pressure gauges and safety valves to ensure production safety.
3.The front of the separation chamber is provided with a visual lens for the operator to observe the situation of liquid
evaporation. The rear manhole is convenience to clean when changing the breed. It has a thermometer and a vacuum meter that can observe and master the temperature of liquid in the evaporating chamber and the vacuum degree when evaporating with pressure.


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