Alcoholic Sediment Alcohol Precipitation Tank

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The equipment is a round barrel with a layed ellipse head,cone bottom, a propeller-like mixing speed-reducer inside, a special, mini-adjusted, revolving out-liquid tube and an in-material valve,frozen salt water or cooled water can go through barrel layer to cool down liquid material indirectly and control the temperature of liquid sediment,you’d better seperate liquid from solid in low temperature frozen state so as to improve the purity.

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This tank

This tank is suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, oral liquid, food, health food, chemical industry and other industries. It is a special equipment for alcohol precipitation, which is mainly used for water precipitation after alcohol precipitation in the freezing of concentrated Chinese medicine decoction or concentrated liquid. It consists of oval head with jacket, drum with cone, three-blade stirrer and special fine-tuning outlet, etc. Add alcohol to the traditional Chinese medicine soup to make a liquid with a certain alcohol content, and then perform solid-liquid separation or multi-temperature freezing at room temperature to improve the purity and transparency of the extract. Made of high-quality stainless steel plate, with good corrosion resistance, in line with GMP requirements

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