Stainless steel multi-function extraction tank

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We can use different extractor process for herb, flower, seed ,fruit, leaf, bone etc. like water extractor ,solvent extractor and hot steam distill extractor ,thermal reflux etc. Process can be used in this tank with other machines .this machine including CIP, unit temperature gauge, explosion-proof, sight light, sight glass, manhole and pneumatic discharge gate. the design is according to GMP .

The complete equipment supplied shall include: Demister, condenser, cooler, oil and water separator, filter and control desk for cylinder etc.

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Suitable for food, chemical industry, atmospheric, decoction, wet leaching, heat reflux, forced circulation penetration, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recovery, especially for Dynamic extraction or countercurrent extractio, short time and high content of material.

Suitable for dynamic extraction of tea, herbs and other plant leaveswith water as solvent medium.2

Working Principle


• Volume: 1000L-5000L and multiple specification, also can design and manufacture according to customers' requirement.

• Pneumatic control self-locking type slag extraction valve not only ensures no leakage, but also guarantee under the condition ofsuddenly without electricity or gas, slag discharge door won't open automatically, safe and reliable operation.

• The connection adopts Tri-clamp, the tanks inner use 304 or 316L The inner surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.28um-0.6um. Outer surface can be polished, wiredrawn, sandblasted according to customer s requirement.

Tank Optional Configuration

• The body of Coffee Extraction Tank can chose sterile air filter thermometer (Digital display or Dial type), pressure gauge, sight glasses, sanitary manhole, liquid in-outlet, CIP Universal rotating cleaning ball, safety valve, also can configure as customer's requirement.


1. This multi-function extraction tank is high efficiency, is the latest developed small dynamic extraction tank, saving raw material and working time is 10%~15% higher than the general extraction tank.
2. Raw material conversion rate is high, in the process of extraction hot solvent (water or alcohol etc.) continuously added to the raw material medicine, effective components from the material continuous dissolution from top to bottom, make the effective components in original liquid twice as general extraction tank.
3. The extraction tank use paddle stirring, make large volume herb can fully exposed to solvents, accelerate the precipitation of effective components in the raw materials.
4. This dynamic extractor has large aperture manhole or hand hole, convenient for taking herb dregs, and has filter system, prevent fine dregs to flow to the concentration unit.
5. The extraction tank has compact structure, small occupation area, the actual area about 2 m2, convenient to operate.
6. This extraction tank is not limited by herb components polar and molecular size, suitable for most herb materials. Adopts full closed inner circulation structure, has oil-water separator, condenser and cooler, can extract aromatic oil and vegetable essential oil at high efficiency.


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