Stainless steel dairy juice beverage emulsifying mixing tank

Short Description:

Structure and character

Emulsification tank is used to mix one or several materials (water solublesolid, liquid or jelly) with other liquid and then to hydrate it into Emulsionliquid.Chinz homogenization agitator can apply together with Center blade agitator and scraped suface agitatot. That is the best agitator combination.The Emulsification tank adopts vertical circular design with dimple jacket, coil jacket and full jacket both for cooling and heating. The tilting bottom design is well for emptying. There are 316L and 304 stainless material for choosing.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Emulsifying tank

Emulsifying tank is suitable for the production of cosmetics, medicine, food, chemistry, dyeing, printing ink and other industrial products, especially for the material with large viscosity and high solid content.
(1) Cosmetics industrial products: face cream, lotion, lipstick, shampoo, etc
(2) Pharmaceutical industrial products: ointment, syrup, eye medicine, antibiotics, etc
(3) Food industrial products: jam, butter, margarine, etc
(4) Chemical industrial products: chemicals, synthetic adhesives, etc
(5) Dyeing industrial products: pigments, titanium oxide, etc
(6) Printing ink: color ink, resin ink, newspaper ink, etc
(7) Others: pigments, waxes, coatings, etc

Main Feature

The unit adopts the upper coaxial three-heavy agitator, hydraulic lifting to open the cover, fast homogenizing agitator speed: 0-3000R /min (frequency conversion speed), slow wall scraping agitator stirring automatically close to the bottom and wall of the tank. Vacuum suction, especially for powder materials using vacuum suction to avoid dust flying. The whole process is carried out under vacuum condition to prevent bubbles from forming after high speed stirring, which can meet the requirements of hygiene and sterility. The system is equipped with CIP cleaning system, the contact part between container and material is made of SUS316L material, and the inner surface is mirror polished (sanitary grade).


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