Chinz Bottom Emulsifying Tank Vacuuming Dairy Mixer Machine

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The function of the emulsification tank is to dissolve one or more materials (water-soluble solid phase, liquid phase or colloid, etc.) in another liquid phase, and hydrate it into a relatively stable emulsion. It is widely used in the emulsification and mixing of raw and auxiliary materials such as edible oil, powder and sugar. Emulsification tanks are also used for emulsification and dispersion of some coatings and paints, especially for some insoluble colloidal additives such as CMC, xanthan gum, etc.
The emulsification tank is a three coaxial stirring mixer suitable for stable homogeneous emulsification. The resulting particles are very small. The quality of the emulsification depends on how the particles are dispersed during the preparation stage. The smaller the particles, the tendency to aggregate on the surface The weaker, and thus the less chance of the emulsification being broken.
Relying on the mixing action of the reversing blades, the high-quality emulsification mixing effect is obtained under the processing conditions of the homogeneous turbine and the vacuum state.

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This unit adopts the upper coaxial three-heavy agitator, the hydraulic lifting and opening the cover, the speed of the fast homogenizing agitator: 0-3000r/min (frequency conversion speed regulation), and the slow-speed wall scraping agitator, which automatically adheres to the bottom and wall of the tank. Vacuum suction is adopted, especially for powder materials to avoid dust flying. The whole process is carried out under vacuum conditions to prevent the material from generating air bubbles after high-speed stirring, which can meet the requirements of sanitation and sterility. The system is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, the contact part between the container and the material is made of SUS316L material, and the inner surface is mirror-polished (sanitary).
This unit is easy to operate, stable in performance, good in homogeneity, high in production efficiency, convenient in cleaning, reasonable in structure, small in floor space and high in automation.


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